What is Bitcoin & crypto jacking?

Do you know what is bitcoin and what is crypto jacking, sometimes you fell your laptop or computer CPU making more noise so check out this weather if this happening to you?

Bitcoin is a new digital currency or you can say crypto-currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

This currency requires no middleman or no bank it works on the concept of block chain.No transaction fees, no need to give your real name.

Now today bitcoin is used by many people and company.You can buy things, send coin, or even you can mine them (made them ) because it is an online digital currency so its price depends upon demand and supply.

Today current bitcoin price is Rs 3,72,302.54 (5726 $) so the value is very high but goes up down depend on open demand and supply.

You can also trade in bitcoin buy it and store it.


As the price of this currency is very high many people are mining them a new adware or spyware used by the hackers which used your computer power to mine bitcoin.

This happens when you visit an infected site and secretly in the background this site use your power to mine the bitcoin this is by using a Javascript.

When site webpage load you even know and this comes with your load page and use your computer power to mine currency.

This is based on your computer power and electric power which these sites take and my currency and you don’t even know that someone is using your computer power.

The idea of this came when a company called Coin-hive debuted a script that starts mining when a web page load.

This concept came on that idea that there are no ads on the website clean view of website beside in background mine bitcoin.

Some people like and some not as something that they get the clean webpage and some say without knowing how anyone uses the power of my computer.

What you think about this if you want to more about this click here.

There are some tips how you be safe from this

  • You can remove javascript from your chrome browser in settings.
  • You can use No coin extension in google chrome.
  • script block.

So, friends, this is all on my side if you have any idea or comment just put below and what you think about this.



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