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Hello friends how are you, I hope you are all good so today we talk about E sim future. Do you know what are e sim and how they work how e sim is the future & advantages?

So read this whole article I hope you all like.


An e sim is a Sim-card that is embedded in your mobile device , the sim stores all information that is important to identify and authenticate the mobile subscriber.

An e sim is embedded in your phone and cannot or you say need not to be removed from the device.The e sim called e.U.I.C.C ( embedded universal circuit card).All the information in e sim can be rewritable for all the operators.

All the identification information required to buy a sim, is store on the internet and when you want to change the operator, you can simply login fill detail and your e sim rewrite with the new operator and you need not buy every time new sim card or carry that plastic sim always with you.

G.S.M.A the association that represents network operators worldwide promoted e sim.

Future with e sim there is no time delay between switching between one operator to another.

Device can be smaller as sim slot space can be removed there is no need for sim tray,

carry plastic sim cards and the sim can also be used in devices such

as smartwatches, fitness bands, and all upcoming devices.

Apple the first company introduce it in its apple watch 3, the important thing about e sim,

however, is that it needs to supported by the network or carrier so not today

but in future when all operators provide the support we can use e sim.

So, friends, this is all for today hope you all like give your feedback and what you think about this and how it going to change our lives. check out this also click here.

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