sbi new ifsc code

Sbi new ifsc code changed do you know

Sbi new ifsc code, SBI listed the list with new and old ifsc code in their website.

Yes, if you have an account in S.B.I or you are going to open a new account you must read this article.

S.B.I change the name of I F S C code of around 1300 branches and has put the list of new and old I F S C code list in their website I am giving you a link go and check out click here.

SBI merged with other associated bank and form New ones and that’s why he has changed its I F S C  codes.

If you are going to do any transaction through your account you should know about this.

The major cities in which the Sbi new ifsc code change are

Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad Kolkata, Lucknow and among others.

Some of the old associated branches are also get merged with S.B.I branches,

and that’s why bank manager, said a customer has been informed about the change in I F S C codes.

He said that customers have to know about the new IFSC codes but their accounts are mapped to the new.

It  means that if some payments are going under process with the old ifsc codes,

then these accounts mapped with the new IFSC codes and there will be no any problem in the transactions.


IFSC code is an 11 digit alphanumeric code a Unique Identification number for all branch.

when you want to know your branch exact place with branch name, the city just summits ifsc and you get.

When you do the transaction from one bank to another or you are using RTGS, NEFT and IMPS methods IFSC codes are required.

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