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YouTube earn money for your talent

Hello, and welcome friends so today we will start a new series of article in which I tell you about Youtube earn money.

It is the biggest platform to earn legal money and you can earn maximum amount of money and as you can see lots of people earning money from it so if you want to earn read out this article and subscribe news letter  for the future updates and I will tell you the whole process  step by step A to Z to how to start and earn money .

Today we will know introduction so as you all know that YouTube is a platform where you see videos lots of video’s and limitless videos in every sec a new video uploaded.


News, Bollywood song, comedy, science etc… if you have any unique talent or you want to do something different and you have the passion to do then you have to come in this platform and show your talent and also earn.

Today we will know how it’s system works and how we can earn money through it so basically as you all know,

when you watch any video on YouTube on any category then there are some ads which are coming in between the video or in the side of the video or something in starting of the video on as Banners.


 The company has an advertising network which is known as Ad Sense. 

Ad Sense publishes ads on your videos and you get a percentage of that when ads displayed on your video.

Ad Sense take money from the advertisers to advertise their ads and give a percentage to you and take some percentage itself there is 45:55 ratio so now you know how the YouTube system works.

But it is not easy to make a YouTube channel, link your YouTube channel with AdSense, how to upload a video, how to grow your channel and much more.

Don’t worry I am here for all your questions, everything I tell you to step by step.

So this is the introduction about that and from tomorrow on wards, you will get a step by step article on YouTube channel and how to earn from YouTube channel.


Top Indian you tubers BB ki Vines, Technical Guruji , my smart support,  make joke of and much more ( T series, zee music …………)and see how these people are growing day by day earning from Youtube earn money so you can also do this if you have talent  so I will guide you how to work on this.

Let me know if you have any questions about this feel free comment on that and tomorrow first article is how to make a YouTube channel and then step by step other …

Know more other ways



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